Just Fit Article 51 The Ultimate Guide to Understanding How Anabolic Steroids Work for Each Body

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding How Anabolic Steroids Work for Each Body

It is a difficult task to find the right steroid for your body type. The first thing you should know about steroids is that everyone’s body reacts differently to them, and we all have different genetics, so some people will respond well and put on lots of muscle and others may not respond as well or put on hardly any at all. Therefore, it can be quite frustrating if you don’t see the results, you had expected after using a certain steroid. Steroid for women is different from steroids for men, so you should choose accordingly.

If you are a beginner at using steroids, you may think they are all the same and that taking them will automatically gain muscle mass or burn fat. This is not true at all. You must take into consideration your body type; your diet plan and you’re training.

This article aims to give information on what makes up good tissue composition, how it responds to certain steroids, and then gives recommendations for each body type (ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph). It is important to read this article carefully and use it as a guide, but you should always seek professional advice before taking any steroids at all.

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Understanding each body type

There are three main body types, ectomorphs who are usually tall, lanky and find it difficult to put on mass or weight no matter what they do. Endomorphs are rounder shapes with a larger bone structure and tend to carry more fat than an ectomorph. Mesomorphs are those that generally have athletic builds as well as a high metabolism and respond well to both strength and endurance exercises, putting on muscle easily. Below we will look at how each body type responds to different steroids.

What is ectomorph body type?

Ectomorphs are usually tall and thin with small joints. They have a very fast metabolism meaning that they lose weight easily, but also gain it just as quickly. They are more likely to suffer from diabetes, insomnia, or hypertension.

They are not able to gain weight no matter what they do because of their high metabolic rate which burns off calories quickly without converting them into muscle mass. Ectomorphs need to eat 5-6 small meals each day for food to be digested slowly rather than three larger meals for the excess calories to be converted into energy rather than fat. It is important not to eat large amounts of sugars or carbohydrates because these will only make you fatter after being converted into fat cells by insulin. It is recommended that ectomorphs eat a balanced diet with lots of green, orange, and yellow vegetables as well as meat and fish.

It is also important to include protein supplements in their diets such as whey protein and creatine and to take regular breaks from training for the body to repair muscle tissue.

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How does the ectomorph body type respond to anabolic steroids?

Ectomorphs usually find it very difficult to gain weight in general. However, when they start taking steroids their muscles grow very quickly due to the muscle cells being highly sensitive to testosterone and other anabolic hormones. This type of body is therefore perfect for beginners at using anabolic steroids because they get such quick results.

However, ectomorphs need to be careful with the number of steroids that they use because it is easy to become addicted very quickly and if you begin training while on heavy steroid doses your tendons may not be able to support all that extra muscle mass which could cause injuries/breakages (e.g: snapping a tendon). If ectomorphs take too many steroids without giving their time to rest and repair itself, the muscles will grow, but not in density. This means that their shape won’t be firm and sculpted, but just big and soft, which is much less impressive than if they had trained when they were not using steroids at all.

What are the best steroids for ectomorph body type?

The best steroids for ectomorphs are those that contain testosterone, but they need to take into consideration their health and liver function.

Testosterone enanthate is the best because it will make them look good without any water retention (the excess fluid can cause severe problems for people with naturally low blood pressure). Testosterone cypionate will also work well, but you must remember that it has short ester chains which makes it easy for aromatization (the conversion of testosterone into estrogen) therefore causing the formation of female-like breasts known as gyno.

There are certain supplements that could be taken to control gyno; Nolvadex or Proviron are usually used by people who suffer from this side effect when using testosterone, but the best supplement for gynecomastia is of course aromatase inhibitors such as Arimidex which will completely stop any conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

What are the side effects ectomorphs experience on steroids?

Ectomorphs need to be very careful with their liver function because it is easy for them to become stressed and overworked. This makes it more likely that they will suffer from jaundice (yellowing of the skin) caused by an accumulation of bilirubin in the bloodstream. Ectoplasm should take milk thistle or other supplements that help maintain healthy liver function whilst taking anabolic steroids.

Another problem that could occur with heavy steroid use is shrinkage of the testicles which is caused by the body converting more testosterone into estrogen. Therefore, it is good practice to use a supplement that also contains ingredients that will help maintain normal testicle function.

These people’s hormone levels are naturally very high due to the stress of their lifestyle, and this can affect thyroid activity in some cases. Therefore, ectomorphs would benefit from taking supplements containing healthy amounts of iodine which stimulates metabolism/energy production and regulates weight gain, so they won’t be quite such an easy target for weight problems or muscle loss when stressed.

What is the endomorph body type?

Endomorphs are people who have naturally slow metabolic rates and strong body frames which indicate that they build up muscle easily. They are usually stockier individuals with solid, thick bones which can support a lot of extra weight. On the other hand, endomorphs tend to be short-tempered and impatient because their metabolism is running so quickly that there is no chance for them to calm down or relax if they want to lose weight.

How does the endomorph body type respond to anabolic steroids??

Endomorphs are more likely to suffer from negative side effects because of their naturally high hormone levels, so they need to be very careful when taking steroids. If they take too many steroids without giving their bodies time to rest and restore themselves, it can have many negative effects on the endocrinology system’s ability to maintain homeostasis (the body’s natural state of balance). This means that the endomorph will experience a lot of hormonal imbalances which can cause mood swings, aggression/irritability, acne, hair loss, etc., etc.

That said endomorphs do not need lots of different supplements because there is no way they could take in enough food during the day for all their nutritional requirements. They would benefit most from taking creatine, protein powders, vitamin supplements and essential fatty acid supplements because their metabolisms are naturally high. This excessive energy production makes it difficult for endomorphs to lose weight or gain muscle even with steroid use so they would need to take supplements that help them feel more energetic during the day (so they can exercise) and help reduce inflammation after workouts/injuries etc.

What are the best steroids for endomorph body type?

Endomorphs should take steroids such as Primobolan, Equipoise and Deca Durabolin because these compounds will support their natural hormone levels without any conversion into estrogen or DHT (which is usually produced along with testosterone). The only downside of these anabolic steroids is that they are not as strong as the other compounds but since endomorphs naturally have high hormone levels anyway, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Endomorphs should take a lot of supplements to support their high metabolism/energy production and post-workout supplements including carbohydrates and protein to help them gain muscle. They shouldn’t try taking any anabolic steroids which convert into estrogen or DHT because they have naturally higher hormone levels so they would be more likely to experience negative side effects.

What is the mesomorph body type?

Mesomorphs are usually taller, muscular but lean people with strong athletic bone structures. They naturally have high testosterone levels which enable them to build up lots of muscle easily even without using steroids – however, if they do decide to take steroids, this will just help them achieve their goals faster! Mesomorphs tend to be quite selfish/egotistical individuals because they want to get noticed and praised for what they do. They are also very strong-willed people who enjoy taking risks (even when it’s not necessary).

Do steroids work well for the mesomorph body type?

As mentioned earlier, these body types are usually average weight with balanced bone structures, so it is much easier for them to take regular exercise without losing muscle mass. Their bodies respond very well to anabolic steroids because their hormone levels are already relatively high before they take the drugs.

Their main problem is that they are likely to become easily bored by simple training routines which means that they could start putting on excessive fat if they don’t change their workout habits often. Their diets must remain clean but high in protein and complex carbohydrates, but of course, steroids will help them build up more muscle than someone with a naturally high hormone level would be able to create through intensive training alone.

What are the best anabolic steroids for mesomorph body types?

Since these people have naturally high levels of testosterone, it is easy for them to put on weight quickly so you should choose steroids carefully so as not to risk putting on too much weight at once. Dianabol is the best steroid for this group because it is not excessively androgenic so it will not result in too much muscle mass too quickly.

Mesomorphs should take supplements (including essential fatty acids, magnesium/potassium creatine, etc.) to support their naturally high energy levels or else they could end up using more of the steroids calories than they really need. They should also be careful about taking steroids that convert into estrogen or DHT because this could lead to side effects such as gynecomastia and hair loss respectively.

What are the side effects mesomorph experience on steroids?

Mesomorphs usually experience a high rate of side effects – especially excessive hair loss and gynecomastia which they have probably heard about from friends who have been on the drugs. They will also need to keep their consumption of steroids higher than other body types because these people don’t have naturally very high levels of testosterone so they will not get the same results from fewer doses. The side effects are usually not too severe because testosterone levels are high anyway, but they will experience increased acne and oily skin because of the extra sebum production. The good thing is that mesomorphs generally recover very quickly from injuries/surgeries etc. even when they are on steroids, so it is not recommended for this group to take painkillers too often – only if necessary.


Mesomorphs respond best to steroids – even though they suffer from side effects such as hair loss and acne, the results compensate for these drawbacks.

Endomorphs also get good results on steroids but too many of them will result in excessive fat gain so you should only take them if you need/want to put on some weight quickly! They can get very ill during intensive training periods because their muscles need sugar (carbs) and fats which they usually don’t have enough of when exercising hard.

Ectomorphs do not get noticeable benefits from taking steroids unless they already had a naturally high hormone level prior to using the drugs.

Although steroid use is widespread in the world, it’s still unknown to many people (particularly about how different body types respond differently to the drugs). Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how various steroids work for each of the three different body types. If you know someone who wants to take anabolic steroids but doesn’t know what they should/shouldn’t take, then please share this information with them!

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